President’s Message March 2020

These are difficult times for all of us. I am hoping we can recover from this as a nation and as a people soon.

Only 2 weeks ago, we hosted our very successful  How We Do What We Do Leadership Workshop. How fortunate that we timed it for International Women’s Day and managed to get some momentum for our year ahead.

Dealing with this crisis requires leadership from each of us in our daily lives. We need to look into ourselves,  identify those qualities that make us strong, refine them and bring them out in all we do.

Remarkable discoveries are on the brink as we gain a deeper understanding of this disease  and its characteristics. 

Please  look after yourselves and your loved ones.  Make sure you look into the horizon beyond this,  at a happier healthier future. We will get there, and let us  celebrate the many brilliant people doing amazing things. If any one of you is feeling the burden of being at the frontline, or uncertainty regarding training and the academic year ahead please email myself directly or seek  the support you need from your team at  VMWS. 

I thought this would bring some light into your days ahead.

I have also included David Walsh’s address ( of Mona in Hobart). He explains the reasons for closing the gallery so beautifully and in my opinion, is the best layperson explanation behind all that we’re doing. It  gives meaning beyond just us!

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Magdalena Simonis