Projects & Initiatives

VMWS Projects and Initiatives

The VMWS has embarked on several initiatives (including our Member's Skills Matrix Directory) and projects over the years. These aim to either shed further light on the issues that we advocate for, or assist medical women both professionally and personally. If you are interested in conducting research or undertaking a project that is in alignment with our mission, we are very willing to assist.


State / National Projects

Career & Volunteer Opportunities


Skills Matrix Directory

The VMWS Member’s Skills Matrix Directory has been developed to enable VMWS members to connect with each other on a professional basis. It is an initiative that we welcome you to participate in and involves sharing your professional details e.g. your current specialty and research activity as well as personal details e.g. your areas of interest and personal skills.

Why have we decided to develop the Member’s Skills Matrix Directory?

Think about it. How many of our members know what research papers you have authored and in what field? How about your current passion in medicine? Do you know if one of us can help you develop relationships and build connections?

Our aim is that we can support each other through sharing on our Member’s Skills Matrix Directory!


The VWMS mentoring program seeks to help facilitate medical students and young doctors to find an experienced female mentor, who will be able to help share their insights and encourage their mentees to meet their full potential.

We are currently looking for doctors that would be able to assist in mentoring, and are also calling for those that might be interested in being mentees.

If you are interested, VMWS members are invited to share your details on the Member’s Skills Matrix Directory and then contact us!

Other Initiatives

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Become actively involved in key issues surrounding the health and wellbeing of women and children, in Australia and globally.

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Interested in being involved?

We welcome new members and participation in VMWS activities.