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The VMWS Job Share Database

Victorian Medical Women Job-Share

At the VMWS, we advocate for part-time training in medicine. Some of our members have completed their internships and residencies part-time.

Flexible working arrangements are vital to promote gender equity, inclusion and doctor wellbeing in medical workplaces. Join our free, confidential database or browse the classifieds to find out how you can make medicine work for you.

  1. Submit your expression of interest in part-time or jobshare positions to VMWS using the application form below
  2. A de-identified, confidential advertisement will be listed in the Classifieds here
  3. Doctors in Victoria and interstate can browse and contact VMWS to express interest in advertised positions, with suitable applicants matched


While part-time positions in junior medicine are still rare and, in some cases, require some fine-tuning, we encourage hospitals, colleges and junior doctors to consider part-time and job-sharing as an option. Fortunately, some hospitals have started to advertise part-time/job-share positions. However, in most cases, these positions are negotiated through contact with Medical Workforce Units and/or the Postgraduate Medical Council of Victoria (PMCV) or equivalent in each hospital or state, respectively.

Jobshare Classifieds

Click here to access the deidentified classifieds we have received based on submissions from our JSD applicants!

The JSD is an initiative designed to facilitate DiTs to find like-minded medical colleagues to job-share with. We established this program a few years ago, whereby we request interest and details from potential job-sharers, store them in a confidential database and then match people appropriately.

We are very enthusiastic about job-share and standalone part-time programs for DiT, and believe this is a way forward in medicine. We realise how difficult it can be to find a good job-share match, hence the creation of this database. 

This program is open to all genders, all specialties, and if you are interested, we really encourage you to join. 

This service is free for all doctors in training (including non VMWS members)! 

Jobshare Database Form

To express interest in a classified, please email VMWS directly to find out more information at [email protected]

To join our job share database, please submit the form below.

We are happy to note that AMA and PMCV support our Job Sharing Initiative and part-time training advocacy work. 

AMA Victoria’s Medical Career Service

AMA Victoria’s Medical Career Service provides career and professional coaching services to doctors at all stages of their career.  They have supported well over a 1000 of doctors since their inception 6 years ago.  Their career & professional coaching programs can be accessed by both members and non-members of AMA Victoria.  They also provide to AMA Victoria members a ‘career call’ service that can be accessed for careers advice and support as many times as a member needs over the course of any calendar year.

To find out more about the service or to book a consultation click here.

PMCV Supports and Facilitates Job Share

Please note that many of the Match processes coordinated by the PMCV Allocation and Placement Service team include an option for candidates to indicate their wish to job-share, and ability to nominate a job-share partner. If you are participating in such a Match and seeking a part-time position, but do not have a job-share partner, please contact [email protected].

Jobshare Testimonials

"I advertised a role for next year and was able to successfully find a job share partner through it. We’ve managed to secure a part-time job at Eastern Health for 2023 with split days (the same days) each week! This is the first time they’re ever offering this kind of job share position and are excited to trial it. Thank you so much for supporting fellow medical mums in returning to the workforce!!! I am so so grateful!! Thank you!!!!"
Jobshare Participant 2022
"This is my second year of job sharing since I started internship last year. It has been great having the flexibility and time to rest and recuperate in between the busy shifts. I also have time to do research, which I can't otherwise do if working full time. Me and my wonderful job share partner have been able to experience more varied and interesting rotations across the 2 years. We will be continuing with job sharing next year since it has been working so well, and fortunate to have a medical workforce who are receptive to this arrangement. I can't recommend it highly enough."
Dr Mian Ng
VMWS Treasurer 2022
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