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69. Senior psychiatry Registrar,  Eastern Health Job Share 2024

Date Listed: 10/09/2023

Stage 3 Psychiatry Registrar seeking a rotation at Eastern Health from August (0.5 FTE)

74.  Internship Jobshare 2025

Date Listed: 7/4/2024

Current final year medical student in 2024 student requesting intern position with paediatric ED rotation starting Term 1 2025 at Western hospital (first preference) with 0.5 FTE.

75.  BPT3 Jobshare 2025

Date Listed: 11/5/2024

Current BPT2 looking for a job share partner for 2025 for BPT. Have been doing this for 2 years now and it has worked out well. Any inner metropolitan health service but would preferentially Eastern, Monash or Austin. No particular rotations required. Seeking 1 or 2 weeks on and off rostering.

76.  Internship Jobshare 2025

Date Listed: 11/5/2024

Current Final year medical student seeking a job share partner for internship position in 2025. Preference for Monash Health, The Alfred, Eastern Health and other hospitals in inner metropolitan Melbourne and South East Melbourne. No specific rotation requirements.

77.  BPT2 Jobshare 2025

Date Listed: 11/5/2024

Current BPT1/HMO2 looking for job share partner for a future position in 2025 in BPT2 in Melbourne Metropolitan hospital. No specific rotation requirements. Flexible in terms of rostering, but prefers term on term off.

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