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Claire Felmingham

Urgent Medical Volunteers Required – Medical Evacuation Response Group

A message from the Medical Evacuation Response Group: Since the Bill passed, a team of independent doctors has, for the first time, assessed the health of a large number of refugees and asylum seekers in PNG and Nauru. Over 120 people with life threatening conditions have been identified and approved… Read More »Urgent Medical Volunteers Required – Medical Evacuation Response Group

What VMWS members are listening to

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How We Do What We Do

Pictured left to right: Dr Magdelina Simonis; Dr Neela Janakiramanan; Professor Catherine Crock; Associate Professor Vicki Kotsirilos

Medical women gathered together at the St Vincent’s Hospital Boardroom on the evening of the 28th of March, enjoying the sweeping view of Melbourne and the excellent company at the annual VMWS event, ‘How We Do What We Do.’ Professor Catherine Crock, Associate Professor Vicki Kotsirilos, Dr Neela Janakiramanan, and Dr Magdelena Simonis generously shared their experiences and wisdom with the audience, in what was essentially an evening of thoughtful story telling.

The importance of finding and pursuing passions and hobbies resonated throughout each of the evening’s stories. Professor Crock combined her interest in the arts, her experience as a Physician, and her passion for patient-centred care to found the Hush Foundation, which, among many other things, produces music to reduce stress and improve the hospital experience for children and their families. Associate Professor Kotsirilos incorporated her personal experience and interest in yoga, meditation, and nutrition into her practice as a holistic GP, and became a leader in Integrative Medicine. Dr Janakiramanan, in addition to being a reconstructive plastic surgeon, steered her compassion towards the well-known campaign to get critically ill children and their families off Nauru, utilising her diverse skills in writing and advocacy, which she also employs in contributing articles to Women’s Agenda. And Dr Simonis, VMWS president and GP, has pursued her interest in women’s health and rights not only in her medical practice, but also on boards and committees, in textbooks and journals, and in public speaking, teaching and mentoring.

As was clearly illustrated in each of the stories of these medical women, a diversity of experiences and exploration of interests outside of clinical medicine can not only help you avoid burnout, stay happy, and look after yourself, but will also undoubtedly serve to improve you as an individual and a doctor. As exemplified in these doctors’ lives and careers, whether you have a passion for the arts, the environment, refugee health, women’s rights, or any combination of things; your work towards these causes can fulfil, inspire, and improve you.

Read More »How We Do What We Do

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