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Draft VMWS Position Statement on Occupational Violence

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It is particularly important that those in powerful positions—tutors, teachers, consultants and supervisors—behave in an exemplary fashion modelling appropriate behaviours for their colleagues, medical students and trainees. 

Processes must be in place for complaints to be heard and dealt with in a timely, fair and independent manner, without risk to the whistleblower’s character, studies or employment. 

The VMWS supports the development of clear and transparent guidelines and processes for the reporting of bullying, intimidation, physical abuse, sexual harassment and sexual assault by all institutions that train medical students and doctors.

The VMWS supports the development and implementation of in-service education on professional boundaries and workplace legislation governing inappropriate behaviours for all staff who teach or supervise students and trainees.

The VMWS supports the appointment of an independent panel that will review all complaints in an independent, thorough and timely manner.

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