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Event Report – The Great Financial Cheat Sheet

On Saturday, the 26th of March 2022, the VMWS hosted The Great Financial Cheat Sheet for doctors, a fantastic event exploring financial rules and actionable steps one can take to get ahead of their finances. Out host was Ms Amanda Thompson, an Award-winning Financial Advisor and Founder of Endurance Financial. The event was a great success, with many doctors at different stages of training being in attendance.

The event began with Ms Amanda Thompson sharing her life journey with beautiful messages of standing against stereotypes constructed by society and not giving up. This was followed by an exploration of various topics, including saving, credit, equity, investment, superannuation, personal insurance, and retirement strategies. The event drew to a conclusion with an array of questions from the audience.

VMWS recognises that women are three times as likely to have significantly lower financial literacy rates. Women earn less, save less, and live longer than men while being more responsible for the same living expenses. We hope this event allowed our audience to gain new insight into managing their finances better, no matter what stage of life one is at. Most importantly, the event reminded us that we are our most important asset and that investing in one’s health is the best investment one can ever make!

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